September 10, 2014

My funny boy!

Came to the room after bathing and I wanted to keep the clean clothes in drawer. Leroy handed me a shorts and said this is mine. As hus and I have the same shorts, I ask him...
Me : How do you know this shorts belong to mummy? Daddy has the same shorts too.
Leroy : I know because I smell the shorts and it has your smell. 
Me : *ROFL!!!!!*

Just to add on, he is referring to the outer layer that he smell. Lol!

September 08, 2014

Lantern Festival at Labrador Park

Hus pick me up from work and off we go to mum's place for dinner then to Labordor park with the boys and sis! Our 2nd time spending lantern festival there and as usual lots of people there!
Quickly we found a place and settle down and the boys riding their scooter happily.

Decide to go the traditional way and mum pass us lots of beautiful paper lanterns from RWS and I begin liting up the candles place in the middle of the lantern. That is so fun!!
Here's our lanterns ! =)

Bought Kong Ming Deng online and put it in use! 1 of it is heart shaped.

August 30, 2014

Family Day at SDC.

Company is holding 1 year once Family Day event at SDC and it's gonna be our first time there.
A good chance for us to meetup with colleagues' family members and also to gather the kids to play.
It's a pretty good event but then it is held outdoor and it is very hot. Perhaps this is one downside.

After the buffet, we go free and easy. We are given coupons for XD-ride, boat-ride, shooting game and movie which is Guardian of the Galaxy. It's a 2hours movie in a big and cold theatre with comfortable seat. Left the place around 5.30pm to Jurong point for dinner.

See how exhausted the boy is. Falling asleep half day eating. Lol

Straight home after dinner as all of us are too tired.

August 29, 2014

Delivery of washer.

Yea! First appliance is here and hus is there to receive it. A front load washing machine that I bought during fair. Expensive purchase but I believe it's gonna be worth it. =)

As it's a front load washer, the pipe that connects from the washer to the tap is different. It's either changing the pipe or the tap. We couldn't try it as we don't have it thus we will be going back after buying the fitted equipment.

Manage to get the adaptor from one of the hardware shop at Punggol Plaza and it fits perfectly!

August 20, 2014

The Garang Guni.

Wanted to throw the hand towel roll away and the boy who is standing beside me ask
Leroy : Mummy, you want to throw this away?
Me : Yes. Will change another roll.
Leroy : Can give me this?
Me : *I was puzzled but still gave it to him* Ok. You can take it.
He walk to the corner of the stand and he pull out another roll! Lol!!!
I ask him why he is keeping this and he reply....
Leroy: Because mahmah also keep it.
Me : *Laughing hysterically*

This boy really makes me LOL!