March 22, 2014

Baby-sitting Chelsea.

The boys are so excited when they know that we will be babysitting Chelsea for a few hours while the parents run some errands. Been asking where is Chelsea from the moment they wakes up until she reach our place. Lol!

I'm even busier than usual days. Tell you why....
Like when Chelsea struggles out from the wrap, the boys will be so frantic and runs to me. When I look at their expression, it's like something serious happen and I will be so gan giong and run to the room and they say 'mummy!!! Chelsea's is out from the cloth!!!' (-.-)
To me it's a small matter but to them everything the baby does is big problem. But seriously when I offer to babysit, I have to make sure that baby is well taken care of.
Lol. That's how I spent my day at home... Running here and there and my heart beat a few times faster when the boys shouts for me. Lol!!!

Personal bodyguards! Lol!

March 17, 2014

Calendula Lotion

Finally it's here!! Love the smell much!
Not only it can mositurize their skin, it keeps those mozzies away too!

March 14, 2014