July 25, 2014

Dad 61th birthday

Today is dad's birthday and we arrange to have dinner at the famous chicken rice steamboat at Golden Mile. Dad is a very traditional man and he doesn't fancy other cusine except chinese food. So we decided on this place. We had been patronizing this shop since I am in my primary school days. 20 over years and no change in quality of food! Tons of memories with my family there...... Now my turn bringing my children there. Lol!

Photos with the boys favourite GongGong and MahMah. =)

My loves!!!

July 12, 2014

Defect check.

This is crazy....
So much defects that it took us 1 whole day to check and still not complete...
Maybe we are too detailed... Every little things also mark as defect. Way before I collected my keys, I had been closely following our BTO FB group on the defects our fellow neighbours found. They are so nice that they even drafted out a copy of defect list and save in our group for our reference and this certainly helps a lot.
What makes me to be this detail in checking is because for this amount of money I paid, I had to make sure I'm getting quality work.
Adding on, BSC (Building Services Centre) which is located right under 1 of the blocks for this project will only be for a certain period of time. During this period of time, any defect I found, I can just WALKED over to submit and check status. So if there's any issue after they leave, I can only report to HDB and I believe it will takes them ages to retify.

Lots of defects photo I've taken and it is obviously a defect and HDB officer APPROVED them. #rolleyes

Family Carnival Day.

Busy weekend!
Lervin has family carnival today and he need to reach the school by 10am.
Leroy has his enrichment class today and it is at 10am too! How to split both of us into 2?!?!
So the hus drop me and Lervin at the school and he will send Leroy to his class and than pick Leroy up at 11.30am and back to the school to meet us. Very rush morning but that didn't affect our mood as my baby boy will be having a small performance for the parents. So proud of him!

But before the performance start, there's games and snacks for the children as it's family carnival day! Didn't take much photos as it's really very crowded.

July 11, 2014

Restaurant : Lai Wah

Gotten our bonus and colleagues arrange to have a very sumptuous dinner here!
Had been staying around that area for 8 years and I always pass by this place but I didn't know that this restaurant actually serves traditional and authentic Cantonese Chinese cuisine. It just looks like a very plain and dated eating house from outside

A table of 10pax that cost almost 1k which consist of 佛跳墙 and a few side dish.
It's very rare that I'm willingly to pay so much for a meal and I actually hesitate for quite sometime before I decided to join them. Reason is it's very near my home and I've never tried it before. Perhaps I can bring my family there if it's nice. =)

Total 3 layers with each layer of different exquisite taste and top grade ingredients!

Here's the first layer.

The 2nd layer

The 3rd layer. By this time we are already so full!

Side dish with is part of the dish from set meal and this is really nice!

The 2nd side dish.

July 06, 2014

Electrolux fair

The 1st appliance buy from Electrolux.
Had been contemplating if I should get this brand of washer. Considering this is an investment for long term purpose, I wouldn't mind to spend a little more on it if it's really worth it.
So I did some survey and ask around those who are using. All giving greenlight and I bought it at a pretty good deal! Delivery to be end of August! =)

Gotten a vaccumn cleaner as well since the offer is really good!
Bit by bit to form up our HSM !