December 14, 2013

Cafe : Group Therapy & ReStore

Finally our next gathering!
Luckily I told my sis about the cafe we are planning to go at first which is at The Plains and she advise us to skip that cafe. It close at 7.30pm and there isn't much selection of food. She recommend 2 cafes and 1 is Group Therapy and we are so glad that we came!

You will not notice/expect there's a cafe there as the cafe is well-hidden on the second level of the shophouses along Duxton Road, directly above Etna Italian restaurant.

This is what the ladies do while waiting for food! Photos!

The Poached Eggs (Must order!)
Stacked on top of an extremely thick and fluffy toast, the poached eggs with salmon came with a generous helping of the hollandaise sauce. We really love this!

Truffled Ravioli
The ravioli was stuffed with wild porcini mushrooms and truffles, topped with freshly made tomato basil sauce and grated parmesan cheese. This one was really good.

Steak and Cheese Pie
The pie crust was nice though, and not too buttery or greasy. Pie is tuffed full of tasty and savoury chunks of beef and it has very little filler or starch.

Belgium Style Waffles with ice-cream, chopped walnuts and fruits
The waffles were thick and crisp going well with vanilla ice cream and the sinful caramel drizzle.

Will definitely be back!

49 Duxton Road #02-01
Tel: +65 6222 2554
Website: Group Therapy

Tue to Thu: 11am – 6pm
Fri to Sat: 11am – 11pm
Sun: 9am – 6pm
Closed on Mondays

Decide to go for another cafe hunting and we walked around the area and saw this cafe!
Located right behind a bus-stop along Tanjong Pagar Road and those who are unaware, might think of this place to be a furniture shop.

There are space constraints in ReStore, furniture line one side whilst cafe tables line the other.

Earl Grey tea.
Accompanied with a piece of very-delicious Earl Grey Cookies which is a must-try in my opinion.

Creme Caramel

Berry Good waffle (yes.. waffle again!)
Comes with freshly sliced strawberries and blueberries, topped with icing sugar and freshly whipped cream.

Nothing much to rave about but I heard from sis that there's a change of hands and the standard isn't the same as before. Nevertheless if you have the craving for some muffins, homemade waffles or simply just to have a cup of coffee and desserts, you can give it a try.

124 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088533
Tel: 6222 3510
Website: ReStore

Opening Hours
Tue to Fri: 11am - 7pm
Sat to Sun : 11am - 6pm
Closed on Mondays

December 13, 2013

TTAP Dinner and Dance @ Sheraton hotel

Didn't take any photo using my phone so all below photos are extracted from my FB.

As usual, our 2nd round to club at AquaNova!
This is the only time I can play and drink without worries! Lol!

The loots!

Look at the dress! Cute isn't? Was shopping online for Lervin's clothes and I bought the set of dress for my coll's baby girl. My mum keep repeating "很 cute leh!" Lol! Can't imagine if I have baby girl. Hahah!!

December 12, 2013

Christmas gift for the hus.

Just purchase online! Luckily bought early as it ran OOS within an hour! =)
Hope the hus will like it!

December 11, 2013

Graduation photos!

Memories! Not only the boy feels sad, I'm feeling the same too... After spending 3yrs here, we definitely have a sense of belonging... Hope someday when he browse through this blog, he will be able reminisce those days....

December 10, 2013

Yoga Movement.

Finally manage to make arrangment to attend a trial yoga class! Just a 10mins journey from office to workplace and this makes an ideal place to regular workout.... Pretty affordable as well!

Check out this great place here!

December 07, 2013

The opposites.

Sometimes I really don't know to laugh or to be angry with them.
Example when I ask what the boys wanta for lunch, 1 will say he wants noodle and the other definitely will say rice. Seldom they will have the same answer. The only way is to buy noodle today and rice tomorrow. Luckily the boys are always ok with the final. But of course whatever we say we must fulfil if not... their nagging is powerful.