December 23, 2013

Restaurant : 21 Seafood

Been weeks i have been craving for crabs and suppressing myself but finally I 'explode' due to sudden spam of very appealing crab dishes from friends in FB! Immediately I called hus and told him,'Dear, I want to have crab feast tonight!' Hus was laughing away and said ok! Happy me! Lol!! Hus asked my mum and sis along too. =)

December 21, 2013

Movie : Walking with Dinosaur.

Brought the boy to watch 'Walking with Dinosaur' after being pestered by him EVERYDAY for the past 1 week. Buay tahan. Lol!

There's an educational component built in as dinosaur facts are displayed on the screen but allows us to understand more about them. The boy who love dinosaur so much is raving about this movie but for adults I doubt so. Would advise to watch online rather than to spend money going theatre.

Some last minute Christmas shopping before going for dinner at 'Lai Lai Nu Rou Mian'

December 20, 2013

Christmas present from Iris.

Early christmas present received from Iris! Thanks Iris!

December 17, 2013

It's here!

It's here!

Movie : Frozen / Restaurant : Paddington

Nope. We are not watching Walking with Dinosaurs but Frozen. Heard from friend that this movie is quite nice and also.... lervin had been asking to watch WWD every single day from the day he see the advertisement on TV so bring him to watch this first to stop his pestering at least for 2-3 days. Lol!

And again he see this giant poster. Strike a pose.

And again the same dinosaur pose. Lol!

Movie at 7pm so brought the kids to have some food.
Always wanted to try Paddington pancakes and finally have the chance!

Paddington House of Pancakes!
A specialty pancake full-dining restaurant!
The menu is crazy extensive and we flipped and flipped over and over again for 20mins? before we place our order.

Although serving of food take quite long, but still worth to give it a try!

December 16, 2013

Well spent Monday!

Fetched the boy and we went out for dinner nearby. Decided to bring the boy to TPY library to return books and to borrow more books. First thing the boy reaches the library is to go straight to dinosaur books section. Never once he is not there. Lol! All the books he borrow are all related to dinosaurs and I had to pick a few books that doesn't belongs to that catorgory for him.
After, I gave him a little surprise by bringing him to his favourite fastfood restaurant. Pizza-hut! Also mummy's favourite.
While waiting for food to be serve, we chatted lotsa things! From his friends to my colleagues and suddenly he said something that made me burst out laughing!

December 15, 2013

Day with baby boy.

I love the time when there's just us. No rushing, free and easy. =)
Brought the boy to have his favourite sushi before heading to mum's place.

My 'Bo Gei' baby~ =)