May 04, 2014

Leroy's 5th birthday (Part 4 of 4)

Birthday boy's request to have dinner at Swensen. Tell me , how to reject the sweetest boy to his mummy request!

How nice if they can be this sweet to each other everyday......

The birthday boy!

To the arcade after dinner and the boys are happy! Seeing them happy makes me happy too. =)

May 03, 2014

Leroy's 5th birthday (Part 3 of 4)

1 of the boy's wish is to go indoor playground and of course the parent grants his simple wish!
Here we are at Vivocity polliwogs! It is located at 3rd level of Vivocity (Opposite Marche Vivocity).

We frequent the other 2 branches at East Coast and Robertson Quay and this is our first time here except the boys. Since this considered located at town area and with lots of families to shop here we expect almost the same or bigger play arena. Compared to the other 2, this is much smaller.

For this, I took lots of shoots but don't know why every photo he closed his eyes! Lol!!

Toddlers area
For kids below 3, there is special toddlers area for them. In this space you can find a spinning mini carousel, a ball pit and several cups that spin round and round. Ideal for parents with younger children.

The spiderweb! Better to have an adult there if younger children are there. It might be a bit much of obstacles for them. =)

The see through floor.

At the back of the play arena is a ball pit with ball cannons which all 3 branch has. Their signature play I suppose.

All smiles!

Been long that I join in the fun, chasing after the boys playing with them. =)

Here's the 4 seater slides on the premises. Shorter and smaller but still the speed is fast!

Break after 2hrs of play.

We left the place at 8pm and meet mil for dinner.

1 Habourfront Walk
#03-12 Vivocity
Singapore 98585
Daily 10am - 9pm

Admission charges:
Weekday (unlimited play): $20 for kids aged 2-12, $13 for kids below 2
Weekends (2-hour play): $25 for kids aged 2-12, $13 for kids below 2

Value play pass are also available at $125 too!
Unlimited play time which includes PH!
$20 worth of Polliwogs cafe vouchers
Free flow of coffee and tea and pass is valid for 6 months.

May 01, 2014

Leroy's 5th birthday (Part 2 of 4)

Hus got him a scooter for his birthday and we went punggol for a walk and also went to pasar malam. It was so crowded but I have to agreed that holding a pasar malam at punggol is the most ideal place of all and I can see lots of young families there. Past few places I went doesn't have much crowd as punggol.

Don't know why I can't find the photos I've took !!!!! =(

April 30, 2014

Leroy's 5th birthday (Part 1 of 4)

Thank you for the present Iris! First present received. =)
Lervin wanted to take photo with Leroy but naughty didi doesn't want to push korkor away. Am able to take below photo because I told him he can take another without korkor. -.-

Naughty boy!

2nd HLE assessment.

1st day of April receive my HLE application and last day of April to know it's being approved! =)
All the good things happen in April it will be even better for the rest of the months!!

I had to clarify, HLE loan status don't have to take so long. We did because we are checking with banks loans etc and thus when we decided to take up HDB loan and submit, it's already 2 weeks after we got the letter. So in fact our loan got approved within 2 weeks. =)