October 01, 2014

Our dinner / Leroy packing his bag for school outing.

The boy is going for school outing to Garden by the Bay tomorrow and he is super excited!
He requested to pack his bag for this trip early. Well, it is good to have this good inititative to do things early rather than last minute.
So when we reach home today, I'm busy preparing our dinner and this boy gets busy again going through items which is already in his bag and stuff in more things inside. I'm very curious what he will bring but I've no time to check his bag. After dinner I will!

Our dinner tonight!
Didi can't wait to eat so when I'm preparing the last dish, he asked for my phone and quickly take a photo of this dish as he knows I always do that. Lol!
Blurry photo and he re-take!

A close-up. Lol!

Porridge with stripes of pumpkin added, salted egg prawn, egg tofu topped with marinated minced pork and fish (korkor eaten the fish skin!)
Simple dinner for my family. =)

I don't cook everyday thus my children sometimes still eat pack food and I feel super guilty.
My cooking skill is not as good as my mum but I try do check online for some easy recipe and cook for them and when the dish turns out good, I share with my mum! =)
Before I start my own family, I don't like cooking and finds it a hassle. The mess, the smell of oil and sweat, the cleaning up, I find it really troublesome. I always think that why such a trouble? Just 'dabao' food, eat and throw! Don't even have to wash the dishes. But when it comes to a point that after starting my own family and have children, no one in the house can cook and we are without a maid(most maid will be able to cook simple dishes), will you still have the same mindset as before? Some may think, 'aiyah just order tingkat lor. Slighty better than buying from stalls' But would you rather cook healthier food that you know what's being added in the food or eat what is being cook by others and not knowing if there is 'extra ingredient' added? Can't wait for mum to stay with us at our place!

Enough of my loh-sohness! Lol

Now, let's see what Leroy pack for his outing!

Me : Why he need 2 sunnies?
Leroy : So that I can change mah.
Me : Why you bring the fork?
Leroy : I need to use the fork when I eat there.
me : *laughing hysterically*

September 29, 2014

Lervin's favourite TV show.

This boy is so addicted to this show and he will remind us when the show is starting. Once the show starts, he basically glued to the TV. I know it's not really good for him to be addicted to TV show at this young age, but they do have their childhood isn't? Just like us watching cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Pink Panther, Popeye etc whe n we are young. But for Lervin, he likes those shows that has the magical effect just like his mum! Did I mention his mum is Harry Potter fan! Lol! Perhaps I should let them view the CDs that I had bought years ago!

September 22, 2014

The sweetest boy!

Whenever this lil man is with me, be it shopping or marketing he will reminds me of the tems that I need to buy(sometimes I get him to remind me as the mummy tends to be forgetful), arranging the items in the basket neatly(which I think is not necessary but the lil man insist) and always helping to carry the grocery bags. It just seems like he knows he should help and I guess partly due to he often sees his daddy helping thus he follows daddy's footstep? =)

September 20, 2014

Our Saturday.

On and off we had been buying things for our house even before the renovation starts and now we have to keep it at our place. So here we are at Punggol!

How I wish they are always this loving.....

The hus was cleaning up the dust on car and the boys volunteer to help!

Meetup with their god-pa after that as they stay just few streets away. =)
Another reason to love this area as I've lots of friends and relatives staying all around Punggol and Sengkang.

Bullying his god-pa. Lol!

September 13, 2014

Staycation : Kukup Road Trip

The last group staycation is 2 years back..... Had been planning for a short trip with the gang but it's so diffcuilt to find a date that can accomodate all of us.... Finally a successful trip after 2 years.... So I reckon the next trip will be 2 years later?
Anywhere I got all the photos uploaded on my facebook so I'll upload the videos here first.

I love the laughter of babies!

Sky Lantern